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CCSS's favorite potting mix

By David Schultz

A frequent question that is asked by members, new and more practiced, and visitors to our show and sale is “What soil do I use?” There is no ONE answer; Every member has a slightly different mix and sometimes slightly different mixes for different plants. The MOST IMPORTANT factor is DRAINAGE and above all, the various choices of grit, pumice and expanded shale work toward that goal. If you have a soil mix already and are concerned if it will work, you can test it by taking a handful of the mix, wetting it thoroughly holding it in your hand and forming a “mudball”. Opening your hand, the ball should fall completely apart. If it does not fully collapse, it probably needs more drainage material added.

The recipe for the soil mix that the CCSS has used and offered in the past is, on the whole, rather simple, consisting of 3 different materials. The term “parts” below refers to any container or scoop you choose to add the components. I usually use a 5-gal bucket to mix it up in and the “part” container is a sour cream container.

Stir, shake and mix all of the components thoroughly. A container with a lid that is secure is most helpful for the mixing. For much larger quantities, a clean concrete mixer is also very handy, although out of the scale for most of us. The 5-gal bucket is often available with the lid and cleaning a sheetrock joint compound bucket works well. 


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