CCSS Library: News from the Ocotillo Book Club — mostly thorny topics

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General Reference Books– Cacti & Succulents:

 The Cactaceae   N.L. Britton, & J.N. Rose, 1963, 2 Volume Set.

Cactaceae   W.T. Marshall & T.M. Bock, 1977. 227pp.

Cacti     C. Innes & C. Glass, 1991. 320pp.

Cacti, a Golden Guide    F.D. Venning, 1974.   160pp.

Cacti - The Illustrated Dictionary,  R. & K. Preston-Mafham, 1991.  223pp.

Cacti & Succulents for Modern Living, Merchants Publishing, 1976.  80pp.

Cacti and Succulents for the Amateur.   Charles Glass & R.Foster, 1976.  72pp.

Cacti & Succulents Indoor & Outdoors.  Martha Van Ness, 1971..   112pp.

Cacti & their Cultivation. Martin, Chapman & Auger, 1971. 205pp.

 The Cactus Family.  E.F. Anderson, 2001.  776pp.

The Cactus Handbook.  Eric Haustein, 1988.  320pp.

Cactus Like Succulents. E. Lamb, 1950. 63pp.

The Cactus Primer.  A.C. Gibson & P.S. Nobel, 1986. 286pp.

Cactus and Succulents.  L. Brandt, 1978.  Sunset Books. 80pp.

Cold Hardy Cactus and Succulent Checklist.  Steve M. Jankalski, 1992.  85pp.,

A Concise Guide in Colour Cacti and Succulents, R. Subik & J.Kaplicka, 1975

Desert Plants - Cacti & Succulents in the Wild and in Cultivation, O. & M, Leese, 1959. 220pp.

Exotic Cacti. P. Chapman & M. Martin, 1989.  96pp.

Growing Cacti & Other Succulents. Philadelphia CSS, 2006.  24pp.

Growing Classic Cacti, M. Schneck, 1998. 112pp.

Growing Succulent Plants Including Cacti.  V. Graham, 1987.  200pp.

A Handbook of Succulent Plants.  Herman Jacobsen,1976.. 3 Volumes.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and other Succulents.  J. Riha & R.Subik, 1981.  352pp.

The Instant Guide to Healthy Cacti.  John Pilbeam, 1984, 80pp.

 The Instant Guide to Healthy Succulents  John Pilbeam, 1984,  80pp.

 IOS Index of Names of Cactaceae.  Urs  Eggli & N.Taylor, 1991.   222 pp.

 Lamb, E. & B., 1959. The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other  Succulents. Volumes 1,2. 

Lamb, E. & B., 1988. Pocket Encyclopedia of Cacti in Colour Including other Succulents 217pp., 2 copies

Lexicon of Succulent Plants.  Herman Jacobsen,  1974. 664pp.

List of Names of Succulent Plants Other Than Cacti.  Urs Eggli & N.Taylor, 1994.

The Observers Book of Cacti & Other Succulents.  S.H. Scott, 1975. 160pp.

Plantfinder’s Guide to Cacti and other Succulents, K. Grantham & P. Klaasen, 1999.  192pp.

 Popular Exotic Cacti in Colour, E. & B. Lamb, 1975.. 176pp

 Succulent Plants.   Herman Jacobsen,  1935. Succulents & Their Cultivation, M.J. Martin & P.R. Chapman, 1977. 300pp.

Succulents, The Illustrated Dictionary.  M.  Sajeva & M.Costanzo, 1994, 239pp.

The World of Cactus and Succulents and other Water-Thrifty Plants.  A. Quiros, 1977.  Ortho Books,  97pp.

Books on Specific Plants:

 Aloes of Zimbabwe.  O.A. West, 1992.

Caudiciform & Pachycaul Succulents.  Gordon Rowley, 1987.. 282pp.

Coryphantha and Associated Genera.  Lawrie, I., 1988.

Didiereaceae  Cacti of the Old World.  Gordon Rowley, 1992.  36pp.

Eriosyce (Cactaceae) The Genus Revised and Amplified. Fred Kattermann, 1994. 176pp.

The Euphorbia Journal. Herman Schwartz, (ed.), 1983-1994.  (10 Volumes).

Fine Flowered Cacti.  F.R. McQuown, 1971. 92pp.

Gasterias of South Africa.  Ernst van Jaarsveld, E., 1994. 95pp.

The Genus Conophytum.   Steve Hammer, 1993. 285pp.

The Genus Echinocereus.  Nigel P. Taylor, 1985.  160pp.

Guide to the Aloes of South Africa.   B. Van Wyk & G.Smith, 1996.  302pp.

The First Fifty Haworthias.  John Pilbeam, 1970.. 40pp.,.

The Second Fifty Haworthias. John Pilbeam, 1975. 74pp.,

Mesembs of the World.  Gideon F. Smith, et al., 1998.  405pp.

Choice Mammillarias.   Brian Fearn & L.Pearcy, 1986.  88pp.

The New Growing the Mesembs.  Ed Storms, 1986. 58pp

Plant Jewels of the High Country  Sempervivum & Sedum  H.E. Payne, 1972..  144pp.,

Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar Vol. I.  Werner  Rauh, 1995.. 343pp.

Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar Vol. II.  Werner Rauh, 1998. 385pp.

Succulent  Flora of Southern Africa.  Doreen  Court, 1981.  224pp.

Vyggies Gems of the Veld.  Ernst van Jaarsveld & Peinaar, 2000.